Saturday, August 8, 2009

Off-topic - apologies!

Usually, I don't really talk about my family, or my other blog on here unless it's relevant.

And really, this isn't relevant, but it might help the tremendous headache I have right now. Because a few of you were already following both.

I decided to change my family blog's URL, but I didn't give people much notice. So I'm trying to get the word out without contacting every single person in my following list, every single person on my facebook friends list, every single person who has ever commented on my family get the picture.

But this update will show up for those of you who are followers on here or have my cloth blog in your blogroll. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Here is the new link for my family blog, Thread by Thread.

And if you aren't yet a reader of my family blog, but see something you like over there and want to stick around, go ahead and click that follow button.

And while you're at it, if you read this blog but aren't yet a follower, please click that little button! There's nothing to it, but the more followers I have, the greater the chances are that I'll keep writing on here. ;o) So go on and follow, and if you haven't yet, please leave a comment saying hi, telling me about your cloth experience and philosophy, or even asking questions and letting me know what you want to know more about. Whatever it may be, I love to hear from you guys.

Thanks y'all!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do you have a cutie patootie?

Does your cutie patootie have a fluffy bum? Do you love to show everyone how precious your diapers (and your kids) are?? Do you like to win free stuff???

Well, check this out!

The Real Diaper Association is holding a contest called the Real Diapers, Real Babies Photo Contest. All you have to do is fill out the form, and submit a photo of your precious little tater tots wearing a fluffy diaper. There are a few specific requirements and limitations on the photo, including size (in pixels). And please note - especially all you I Faces folks - that you may not photoshop effects onto the photo - the only editing that will be allowed is cropping, red-eye removal, and adjusting the contrast/brightness.

Anyway, back to the good stuff! You must submit your photo by no later than August 24th, 2009. Then members of the RDA can vote on the photos. You can generate buzz about your child's photo by asking friends to become members and vote (one vote per person). The top 12 photos will be used for a Real Diapers Calendar, the proceeds of which go toward cloth diaper advocacy and education, as well as promoting the use of cloth diapers in daycares - woohoo!

BUT, the big prize is this! The top winner will receive either a digital camcorder, or a $150 gift certificate to Kelly's Closet! The 2 runners-up will receive a $50 gift certificate to either Babies in Bloom or Mama Momo.

So get your favorite diapers washed and ready, and get your little ones in a happy mood to take some fabulous photos. And after you've submitted your own photo, go to the Real Diaper Association blog to check out other cutie patooties.

Good luck!


Hey fluff family!

Just wanted to let you all know about a great giveaway being hosted by Beth at Happily Domestic. Beth has a beautiful blog where she shares all about being a wife, mom, keeper of her home, daughter of God, homeschooler, and of course, cloth diapering!

Right now, Happily Domestic is hosting a giveaway for one of their family faves for diapers, a one-size Haute Pocket! It's easy to enter, and easy to get extra entries too. Please be sure to stop by, become a follower, and enter her giveaway. The contest runs through next Friday, the 14th, so you still have plenty of time!

Good luck!

Happily Domestic