Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I alluded a few posts back to an upcoming post about my new laundry routine, saying that you Charlie's Soap users would want to tune in. Well, today I have about a million things I should be doing, so it only makes sense that I have chosen to finally sit down and write about this! :o)

Really, I've been dragging my feet on blogging about this, because I was quite embarrassed that I had been a cloth diapering mom for a year and a half and never knew that I was leaving a huge step out of my system: DISINFECTING the diapers. I always thought that if they looked clean, and smelled clean, then they were clean. And that when they started to smell a little funky, it was time to strip them. End of story.

Well, I was wrong. At least twice a month, you should be doing something to disinfect your diapers. I actually called Charlie's Soap to ask them their recommendations. Would you like to know who I spoke to?


Yes, Charlie himself answered the phone. He was so friendly and helpful. He said that there are several different ways you can choose to disinfect your diapers. Some people prefer to use hydrogen peroxide, but Charlie told me that the amount of hydrogen peroxide you would have to use to disinfect an entire washer full of diapers would probably bleach everything out. Some people use vinegar to disinfect, but again, the amount you would have to use to disinfect is, well, a LOT.

Honestly, a lot of folks aren't going to like this, but according to Charlie (and in accordance with my own common sense), the best way to disinfect your diapers is to use between .5 cup and 1 cup of bleach along with your regular laundering routine about twice a month.

I know, I know. You've heard bleach is bad for PUL, or elastic. Or you're worried it's going to fade the cute print fitteds you have. I was concerned about this too.

But the truth is, PUL and elastic don't have infinite lifespans anyway. And I don't care if my print diapers stay bright and brand new looking if they're riddled with funk that causes nasty rashes on my kids' bums.

You can also use an oxydizing "bleach," like Oxy-Clean Free powder laundry booster. Charlie didn't seem to think that this method was quite as effective as regular liquid bleach, but recognized it's a more acceptable option to many circles of parents.

I also asked him about using essential oils, and things like Grapefruit Seed Extract, to disinfect diapers. He admitted that he didn't know much about them, but he cautioned me that oftentimes, the people doling out advice on essential oils may not know as much as they claim to know. Additonally, you'd probably have to use a LOT of oil or extract to achieve disinfection in a washing machine full of water, and some have potential adverse side effects on very young babies, male babies, etc.

If you're using essential oils that come into contact with your children's skin, please let me encourage you to do some thorough research from unbiased sources. That is, don't glean all your information from a website that sells the stuff! And overlap your research from different places, seek out certified herbalists, and search specifically for cautions and warnings. I think many EOs are great, but when it comes to using them topically/medicinally, I treat them with as much respect and caution as I do over-the-counter drugs.

Anyway, don't be like me. Don't just think that they're clean because they look clean. Disinfect your diapers!

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Stuff!

Okay, I'm sorry. Last post I had a teaser about laundry routines and Charlie's Soap, and I know I haven't delivered yet. I will get there. Keep using your Charlie's. I'll get to it. A friend (and DD follower) sent me a facebook message asking if she should not use Charlie's, and the short answer is this: Charlie's Soap is so awesome and wonderful, and the problem I need to address has nothing to do with them specifically. More, the problem is that CS gets diapers so clean that you may not realize that your diaper washing needs another step. That other step is disinfecting. I'm going to write all about it another day.

First, I want to tell you that Cotton Babies is extending their fourth of July shipping promo through tomorrow, July 7th. Just use the coupon code FIREWORKS to get free economy shipping on any order!

Second, I need - NEED - to tell you about a new fitted diaper that I want to try. I am all about fitted diapers, as you may have gathered. I use pretty much only fitteds and prefolds during the day, and then we use our pockets for naps and overnights. But I don't want a million different sizes of fitteds, so I'm always on the lookout for one-size fitteds.

Well Kissaluvs, the maker of my faaaavorite newborn fitted diaper, has come out with a one size (10 to 40 pounds) fitted diaper called the Marvel. It's constructed much like their sized fitted, with 3 body layers and a microfleece soaker, and comes in three precious prints. It's a little pricey at $24.95, but most one-size fitteds are. The only place I've found them so far is at Kelly's Closet, which happens to be one of my top places to shop anyway! Here's the page for the Marvels at KC.

Speaking of Kelly's Closet, I don't think I've ever written on here about The Cloth Diaper Whisperer, although I'm sure a lot of you are well aware. The owner of Kelly's Closet maintains a great and informative cloth diapering blog, and hosts fantastic giveaways every single Friday! Check it out! This week's giveaway, which will end on Friday, is for the new Kissaluvs Marvels.

Okay, I need to run. Happy Monday to everyone!