Monday, May 11, 2009


My very first giveaway is now over, and I must say, the winner will be excitedly eating her words. According to the random number generator, the winner is...


Greta, you now get to choose ONE pocket diaper:

1 BumGenius 3.0 One-Size pocket diaper

1 Happy Heiny sized pocket diaper
1 Thirsties sized Pocket/All-in-One diaper

Just send me an email at with your choice of diaper, size (if applicable), and color. Oh, and your address.

Congrats, Greta!


Greta said...

I AM surprised and excited :). How appropriate that I'd win on my b-day, right?!

I'll be emailin' ya!

Jenney said...

I got the diapers today! THANK YOU for mailing them. I can't use them for a couple days as we are going on vacation (so I"m using 7th urine smell in my van thanks!).

Tully Family said...

Few more ?s about cloth diapering- thanks in advance for your help! Here ya go: I noticed that Nicki's Diapers recommends adding a few drops of lavender essential oil in the last rinse cycle (say it is a natural antiseptic). Ever done this? Nicki's also recommended using hot water- I've been doing cold rinse; hot wash w/ detergent; cold rinse- thoughts? (I have pocket diapers.)

The Cloth Diaperin' Mama said...

Hey Tully Family!

I'm not an herbalist, so please take what I say with an enormous helping of NaCl! ;o) (Just a little nerd joke for ya.)

I have heard of people adding a "few" drops of antiseptic essential oils (lavendar, peppermint, tea tree, e.g.) to the final rinse on diapers. But honestly, when you think about how little oil a "few drops" is...added to AN ENTIRE WASHER FULL of water, I doubt that the essential oil will really contribute any antiseptic/antibacterial/germ killing powers to cleaning the diapers, you know?

And there is so much conflicting information about what temperature water to use for each stage of the wash cycle. I, too, do a cold pre-wash with no detergent, hot-hot-hot wash with detergent, then 2 cold rinses. I do a cold pre-rinse, because hot water has the reputation of "setting in" tough stains and funky smells. Hot water, because I keep our hot water ridiculously hot, and I feel like maybe it will kill germs? And just because I think hot water gets stuff cleaner. Cold rinses, because at this point the dipes should be clean, and there's no need to use the energy to use hot water.

I know people who do all cold. I know people who do all hot. I say, if you aren't having any problems with your diapers...well, if it ain't broke, honey, don't fix it. :o)

Hope that helps!

Tully Family said...

Thanks- that does help! And it made me chuckle! :)