Monday, July 6, 2009

New Stuff!

Okay, I'm sorry. Last post I had a teaser about laundry routines and Charlie's Soap, and I know I haven't delivered yet. I will get there. Keep using your Charlie's. I'll get to it. A friend (and DD follower) sent me a facebook message asking if she should not use Charlie's, and the short answer is this: Charlie's Soap is so awesome and wonderful, and the problem I need to address has nothing to do with them specifically. More, the problem is that CS gets diapers so clean that you may not realize that your diaper washing needs another step. That other step is disinfecting. I'm going to write all about it another day.

First, I want to tell you that Cotton Babies is extending their fourth of July shipping promo through tomorrow, July 7th. Just use the coupon code FIREWORKS to get free economy shipping on any order!

Second, I need - NEED - to tell you about a new fitted diaper that I want to try. I am all about fitted diapers, as you may have gathered. I use pretty much only fitteds and prefolds during the day, and then we use our pockets for naps and overnights. But I don't want a million different sizes of fitteds, so I'm always on the lookout for one-size fitteds.

Well Kissaluvs, the maker of my faaaavorite newborn fitted diaper, has come out with a one size (10 to 40 pounds) fitted diaper called the Marvel. It's constructed much like their sized fitted, with 3 body layers and a microfleece soaker, and comes in three precious prints. It's a little pricey at $24.95, but most one-size fitteds are. The only place I've found them so far is at Kelly's Closet, which happens to be one of my top places to shop anyway! Here's the page for the Marvels at KC.

Speaking of Kelly's Closet, I don't think I've ever written on here about The Cloth Diaper Whisperer, although I'm sure a lot of you are well aware. The owner of Kelly's Closet maintains a great and informative cloth diapering blog, and hosts fantastic giveaways every single Friday! Check it out! This week's giveaway, which will end on Friday, is for the new Kissaluvs Marvels.

Okay, I need to run. Happy Monday to everyone!


Jenney said...

Whew, I have been away for SO long, nice to be back into blog world and see what you've written!

idnar82 said...

Monkey Buns has bamboo fitteds on sale for $10 right now! I think I am going to try one. Yay!