Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guest Post!

Today and tomorrow I'm guest posting on one of my favorite websites, Passionate Homemaking, while the author adjusts to life with her newest little one! Some of you may have wandered over here from there in the first place, but I have no way to know since my SiteMeter is apparently not working.

Anyway, Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking is a believer who loves the Lord, and delights in serving her family in ways that are healthful, frugal, and honor our Creator. I figured some of the frugal, green, and crunchy-minded people who might stumble across this blog would be interested in that!

Here is the permalink for the first part of the post, where I discuss why to use cloth.

Here is the permalink for the second part of the post, where I give a VERY general and broad overview of cloth diapering. Perfect for newbies, beginners, and just starting to research!