Friday, March 20, 2009

What a deal!

This morning I got an email from Kissaluvs * about a special spring deal they've got going on right now! When you order a Bundle of Joy Starter Pack directly from the manufacturer website, you get a free Bummis Super Whisper Wrap cover! You don't get to choose the color of your cover, but you can order your starter pack in neutral, boy, or girl colors - woo-hoo! (And I feel pretty confident that if you order the boy colors, they're not going to send you a pink cover, you know?)


From March 20-25, enter the code "SPRING" in the comments section of your order to get free shipping! Happy shopping, all you cloth nappy parents!

** Okay, if I've never said this before, go to every single diaper manufacturer website and diaper e-store and sign up for their newsletter emails. You'll get email alerts about sales, clearances, etc. I'll post the alerts I get, but I've only signed up for emails from brands I prefer for my kids and e-stores where I shop regularly, so I can't cover everywhere! For Kissaluvs, they actually have an e-outlet sale every once in a while when you can purchase brand new factory seconds for a huge discount. Set up a separate email account if you don't want all the dipey emails clogging up your regular mailbox, but it's totally worth it!


Melissa said...

Would you happen to know of any sample packs for cloth diapering? I've never done it before, and since it is a lot of money up-front, I want to make a good decision. All cloth diapering mama's seem to have their "hands-down best cloth diaper", but so far, no one agrees on which diaper that is! Please help!

The Cloth Diapering Mama said...

I think the most comprehensive sampler pack is the try it out program that Jillian's Drawers offers. If you go to, scroll down to the window that says "New to cloth diapers?" and click on the link that says "21-day trial program." It has a fitted, 2 prefolds, a cover, 2 pockets, and 2 all-in-ones. You get to try it all! And the best part is that if you decide that cloth isn't for you, you just send the diapers back to the company and get all but $10 refunded.

Or, if you know you want to go with pockets but don't know which brand, Nicki's Diapers ( has a one-size pocket sampler package. (This is what I started out with, so I could see which brands fit my son best.)

The nice thing is, though, that if you purchase diapers and decide it's not for you (or your girls), as long as you take good care of them, cloth diapers retain their resale value excellently, and you could sell them on CraigsList or Diaper Swappers. Hope that helps! :o)

Melissa said...

Thanks so much!! I am going to order the Jillian's Drawers sample pack right away! I'll try them out on my 2 yo to see what I like for the baby on the way! Thanks for your help!