Friday, April 17, 2009

...wait, what?

As I was washing dishes tonight (gag, cleaning the kitchen is my single least favorite house chore), I had a really fantastic idea for a cloth post that I could do after everyone else went to bed. It must have been witty, because I was chuckling to myself like a crazy woman.

Before I posted, though, I was excited to enjoy some downtime with my man. I usually write in the witching hours when everyone else is abed, because I'm a night owl. Do you like my 18th century slang for sleeping?

Anyway, my hubby and I had planned on watching "FireProof." But we chose to have a disagreement instead. Hey, I'm just being honest. And ironic.

Then we watched some tv (too late to start a movie, especially when Dear Hubs is generally passed out cold on the couch by 10pm). Then I updated and worked on our family blog (while Hubs slept on the sofa). Emailed a few friends. Signed into this blog account, got ready to write...

And could not remember what I was planning to write about.

Completely out of my head. Gone.

Man, it's really feast or famine over here, isn't it? I post a whole bunch in a short period of time, and then I'm silent for a few weeks (or months). But I'm no Kelly, I don't have any team writers (yet, hint hint!), and I've still got normal life going on. Please bear with me! :o)

(Hubs just woke up and stumbled to our room, mumbling something that I'm guessing was "Good night, please come to bed soon.")

Anyway, I've been checking my sitemeter referrals to see how many folks are visiting and where everybody is clicking in from. Mostly, it's either Passionate Homemaking or from googling "how many diapers does a newborn need" or "yearly cost of diapers." Still and all, I'm excited that people are visiting me here. Please spread the word to your friends, whether they use cloth or not!

Okay, so here's what I've got on tap for The Diaper Diaries:

First, I'm taking away the table of contents and going back and labeling all the posts, and then I'll put up a label directory. I think that will be more user and search friendly than what I have now.

Second, I may delete/rework some of the older posts that have a lot of information in them to consolidate the info that "belongs" together.

Third, I recently tried out 5 - FIVE - cool new fitteds that I'm pretty much in love with, so I need to add the reviews of those to the Fitteds Reviews post.

Fourth, for posting, I've got to finish out my series on reviews, with posts on pockets, all-in-ones, miscellaneous diaper products, and create a directory of where to buy diapers online and rate the sites I've purchased from.

Finally, for regulars and visitors alike, please let me hear from you! If you read the reviews and discover that there's no information on a diaper you completely love (or hate), please comment and tell us about it! If you have info on stripping, stains, stuffing, sewing, or even a hilarious epic poopie story, please tell us! This will be so much fun "interactive" if you guys participate.

I'm off from blogging (here) for the weekend, but please chime in and I'll have some new stuff for you next week. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I am spreading the word! I just added you to my blogroll last night, as a matter of fact. I too found you through Passionate Homemaking. How I found her site, though is a mystery...lost in a haze of staying-up-way-way-way-past-my-bedtime for no good reason.

Any ol' way, Hello!

Jenney said...

I should probably go sign up as a "follower" seems how I read everytime you post and even have referred to you in my PATHETIC cloth diaper blog ( I have a "real" blog too
I totally enjoy this site, thanks!

~rachel~ said...

I don't remember how I found you're blog, but follow it through google reader- I'm pretty lazy about clicking over and commenting on blogs though :)