Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stash Purging

Jenney made a good point in her comment on the last post: why don't I show you guys some of the diapers I'm getting rid of? Since none of them have sold yet, I'm happy to post them here! I will receive Paypal and can get you my Paypal email address (it's not the one associated with this blog) if you want to purchase something.

The prices I've listed are for all items in each "listing." I really don't want to split things, because of the cost of shipping. If you want only one item, I'll have to check into shipping costs before I can give you the price for a single diaper. If you choose more than one lot (listing) then I'll knock $2 off the total price. Just leave a comment or email me if you see something you'd like to have!

Okay, first up is 3 EUC Swaddlebee Pockets, size Medium, no inserts. I'm asking $25 PPD within the lower 48.

All 3 are a pale baby pink. I bought these at a consignment sale and they are in pristine condition. Unfortunately, at the sale all bags are taped shut, so when I got them home and took them out of the bag, I saw that there was no way these trim diapers would fit my chub-a-lub baby. I don't have a photo of these, because they got tossed in a tub of stuff for me to sell in a later consignment sale, and that tub got tossed in the attic. But if anyone is interested, I'll get Hubs to bring the tote down for me and post a pic.

Next are 3 GUC Tiny Tush Elite One-size pockets, no inserts. I'm asking $18 PPD within the lower 48. 2 sage, 1 peach, see pic below.

Now, I need to get to my reviews on pockets. I loved these diapers at first. They were my hands-down favorites. But then I started having some problems with them repelling. I contacted the company directly, and they were less than helpful. They recommended stripping (which I tried a dozen times in as many different ways, all in accordance with their recommendations), all to no avail. Now, keep in mind that throughout my ordeal with the TT, I was having NO PROBLEMS with any of my other brands. I told the company owner this, and all she said was, "Well, we've never had any complaints before." I really felt like screaming, "You have one now! Do something about it!" A diaper company - no matter how small - with any integrity, accountability, and business sense should ALWAYS offer to replace a diaper, or at the very very least let you send it to them so they can inspect it and see if they can rectify the problem for you. But Tiny Tush did NONE of that. So as a company, BOO. Big fat boo.

I wasn't able to get my diapers functional through multiple stripping methods, but will surrender them to a mama who thinks she may be able to get them wearable again. OR, I kept a few to use as swim diapers, as they're still perfectly acceptable for that. (And if you read the fine print on the rules for babies in public pools, like at the YMCA, most pools specify that babies should be in tight-fitting swim "pants" - translation, diaper - rather than disposable swim diapers.)

You can see above that all diapers are unsnapped. See below for pictures of the 3 snap settings, so in total Tiny Tush diapers have 4 different size settings. (Sigh). You simply cannot know what a disappointment it was to have these diapers fail so dismally.

Next up are 3 EUC Haute Pocket one-size pocket diapers, no inserts. I'm asking $25 PPD within the lower 48. One chocolate/olive (center), one pale minty green (left), and one pale seaglass (right). (I can't remember the company names for the colors, and they change their available colors all the time.) See pic below.

Hautes are great diapers, but I think that they are kind of "love 'em or hate'em" diapers. I didn't hate them, but they just didn't work for us. They are a smaller one-size, so my son grew out of those much more quickly than he did his BGs or HHs. (Remember, my kids are chubby, so if you have a trimmer baby, these may work for you a lot longer.)

Next is a cryin' shame. I have 2 EEEUC MotherEase one-size bamboo fitteds. I'm asking $22 PPD within the lower 48.

These are awesome, awesome, awesome diapers. But they just don't really work for us. They're bamboo, so they're super absorbent, but I just never reach for them. Each one has probably been worn only 3 or 4 times. I thought about cutting them up and sewing them into soakers, but I decided to pass them along to a family who will love them the way they deserve to be loved!

Okay, folks. There ya go! Just contact me if you're interested in any of these.


Jenney said...

I am interested in the Haute Pockets but our budget won't let me get them until May 1. If they are still around I'd love to try them. Our little guy is not chubby, but we are trying to get him there!

The Cloth Diapering Mama said...

Jenney, I'm holding on to the Hautes for you! :o) Just let me know by the end of the first week in May if you want them or if you've changed your mind. Thanks hun!

idnar82 said...

Do you still have the MEOS fitted diapers? I saw this post a long time ago, and didn't know anything about any of those, but now I have one MEOS and I love it. I'd love to buy yours if you happen to still have them! Oh and I just ordered a tiny tush one-size fitted, so I hope I have better luck than you did with your pockets!