Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boiling Update

First, thank you to so many of you who responded positively to my post on natural birth control via the Fertility Awareness Method. I am so overwhelmed (in a good way) by the positive support and many questions I received here, in my private email, and on facebook. You guys are awesome! Let me encourage you to continue reading and researching - get the book, ask some questions, maybe even find a class at a hospital or women's health center that teaches the method.

Second, and the big news for today, is an update on my PUL post-diaper boiling. (drum roll, please)...............


I'm so excited that boiling all our stash got the diapers so clean that they could pass for new, and the PUL was entirely unaffected by the process. I'm sure that repeat boilings would not be good for it, but hopefully I won't have to go through that again. I have a post coming up about our new wash routine and WHY we have a new wash routine. (All you Charlie's Soap users will definitely need to tune in for that one.) But for now, Hubby has the kids at a family reunion, and I have a quiet house and lots of sewing to get through.

Happy weekend, my friends!


idnar82 said...

I was just going to buy some Charlie's Soap this week. Would you still recommend it? I will read your laundry post when you write it, but real quick...should I still get it? Thanks! I've been using country save but just found out we have a store where I live that sells it :-)

Andrea @ The Train To Crazy said...

I don't use Charlie's but I'm anxious to read your post!

idnar82 said...

Would the boiling be a good way to get rid of stink issues? I bought a diaper off FSOT (only my second preloved purchase!) and it came to me quite stinky :-( It is in great shape but just needs some help. I tried to strip it last night but it still stunk, so I then soaked it in vinegar/oxyclean all night. I know it sounds like a horrible combo but some DS mom swear by it apparently. It's in the wash for a couple cycles to rinse it real well and then hopefully it wont smell, but if it does....I may need to boil?? Who knows!