Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alphabet Soup

Okay, if you're on the front end of looking into cloth diapers, the acronyms might just be driving you up the wall! I'm going to try to break down the most common ones for you (and the ones I'm most likely to use). If you don't understand a "definition", just click the hyperlink. If the "definition" is a product brand, the hyperlink will take you to an online retailer where you can purchase that item.

AIO - All in One diapers
AI2 - All in two diapers
Aplix - not an acronym, brand name of high quality velcro designed to withstand the rigors that cloth diapers will face over their lifespan
BG/BGs - BumGenius brand diapers
BN - brand new
BSWW - Bummis Super Whisper Wrap brand covers
CD - cloth diapers
CPF - Chinese prefold diapers
DD - disposable diaper (also "sposies")
DS - Diaper Swappers
DSQ/DSQCPF/DSQIPF - diaper service quality, Chinese prefolds or Indian prefolds
EBF - exclusively breast fed, used to refer to how well diapers hold in super runny breastmilk poo
EC - elimination communication
Etsy - not an acronym, Etsy is an online forum for people to sell handcrafted items
EEUC - extremely excellent used condition (when shopping for pre-loved diapers)
EUC - excellent used condition
FB - FuzziBunz brand diapers
Fluff/fluffy - not an acronym; just a nickname for a cloth diaper
FS - for sale (may see on DS)
FSOT - for sale or trade (may see on DS)
FT - for trade (may see on DS)
GUC - good used condition
HH - Happy Heiny brand diapers
HP - Haute Pocket brand diapers
IPF - Indian prefold diapers
ISO - in search of (may see on DS)
KL/KLs - Kissaluvs brand diapers
KLO, KL1, KL2 - Kissaluvs fitted diapers, the number denotes the size
Nappy/nappi - not an acronym; just another nickname for a cloth diaper
- newborn, refers to size of diapers
OB - organic bamboo
- organic bamboo velour
- organic cotton
OCV - organic cotton velour
OS - one size diapers, adjustable usually from 7 to 35 pounds
OT - off-topic; you'll see this on Diaper Swappers and occasionally on this blog!
- organic velour
PP - Paypal, used to let shoppers know what form of payment a seller will accept; seen on DS, etsy, and hyena cart
PPD - postage paid, when shopping for pre-loved or WAHM diapers means that price includes shipping
PUL - polyurethane laminate, the water"proof" layer of AIOs, pockets, or covers
RME - Revolution Money Exchange, a payment method like paypal, used to let shoppers know what form of payment a seller will accept; seen on DS, etsy, and hyena cart
SAHD/SAHM - stay at home dad or mom
TT - Tiny Tush brand diapers
UBCPF - unbleached Chinese prefold
UBIPF - unbleached Indian prefold
UC - used condition (when shopping for pre-loved diapers); may have stains or need stripping once you receive them
VGUC - very good used condition
WAHM - work at home mom, in diapering refers to a diaper made by a mom and not a company