Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And now, what you've all been waiting for...

product reviews!

I know I'm only one mom, but don't we all want to know what real moms think of baby products before we buy them? Please keep in mind that opinions are SO subjective, so something that I loved you may end up hating, and vice versa. I'm going to break up my reviews by styles of diapers first and then go from there. For all brand name diapers, you should be able to find them at most of the CD etailers I've linked on the right-hand side of the blog. The only time I'll link a store is for private label, WAHM, or "generic" products (like prefolds).

The things that affect my opinion of a product are its durability, the strength of the elastic, snaps, and velcro, the company's quality of customer service, and the fit for my children. To help you out as far as fit preferences go, both my babes have had - as babies - pretty average tummies: not super skinny, but no buddha bellies either. They both had (and Miss R still has) a very average rise, and maybe slightly chunkier thighs. My toddler is now slender to average in his tummy, has a bit of a booty, and has some serious hams for thighs.

Okay, so that's my product review intro and disclaimer. Now obviously, I can only comment on products I've personally used. If you ever want to read reviews about a product that I don't feature, or you're interested in a second opinion, head on over to The Diaper Pin to read what other mamas have to say.