Monday, October 27, 2008

Diaper Covers

Okay, back to reviews. Remember, diaper covers are a waterproof cover that you put over a prefold, flat, or fitted diaper. They may be PUL, fleece, or wool. They may have snap, velcro, Aplix, or even tie (yes, ties!) closures. Of course, I'm only reviewing products I've personally used, and I've only ever used PUL covers. I just wanted to let you know that there are other options out there!

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap - two thumbs up!

I really like this cover. I had one in the newborn size for when Miss R was born. This is a really trim cover, so when she's been at the upper end of the weight range for the cover size, not a whole lot goes under it well except a prefold. But, when she's been at the lower end of the weight range for the cover size, I'm able to fit a good fitted and - for a short time - even a doubler fully inside the cover. One of the things that I really love about this cover is that it's an Aplix-closure cover, so I know I can trust the closure both when it's on my baby, but more importantly I can trust those laundry tabs in the washing machine! The website describes it as having "built-in leg gussets," but the newborn size does NOT have leg gussets. This is obviously not an issue for teeny tiny immobile babies

* It's important to note that Bummis makes several different kinds of covers. I also have the Bummis Super Brite cover (in pink, naturally, for my little girl, who can still wear the small at 6.5 months), and in my opinion, it's basically the exact same cover as the SWW. The Aplix tabs are a bit longer, and it has leg gussets, which I love for naps, because my sweetie pie is a side sleeper.

Proraps - two thumbs WAY up!

One of the best covers out there! These covers are total workhorses, and definitely the best value for the money. $7.25 for a cover!! Are you kidding me?? They are not nearly as cute as some other covers that are available (available only in white and pastel green, blue, or pink), but they are fantastic! The newborn size has a great umbilical notch to protect that tender belly button stump, and all sizes have leg gussets. Leg gussets will help protect against leaks in a mobile baby, but they also help you ensure a good cover when you're using doublers. I just can't say enough good things about these covers! They're velcro-closure, but it's a good strong velcro. The only downside is that they don't have laundry tabs, but I just close the cover up and turn it inside out to launder it.

Now, they're cheap to begin with, so they're a great way to round out your stash or help build it up if you're on a budget. BUT, just because I love you (whoever you are, if you're reading this) so much, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: You can order seconds and overstock directly from the company for even cheaper! They don't always have all sizes available, but it never hurts to call and see: 1.800.397.8594.

Bumkins - one and a half thumbs down :o(

Words cannot express how much I wanted to love these covers. Bumkins are, by far, the cutest covers I have ever seen. They have about 30 (literally) different prints, and they have licensed Dr Seuss prints which are totally adorable. The construction of the covers is top notch: Aplix, extra wide tabs, laundry tabs, leg gussets, front inside flap, back air vent. What's not to love??

The fit. Plain and simple. These covers are just built for trimmer babies with skinnier thighs, and that description definitely does not apply to my babes. One of my good girlfriends who cloth diapers LOVES these covers, but her babies are much trimmer than mine and they have pretty, slender thighs like their beautiful mama. I so wanted these covers to work for us, but they just didn't. That's the only reason for their negative rating from me.

** However, Bumkins also makes bibs, and they are - hands-down - the BEST bibs that you can buy! They're made of the same waterproof PUL as the covers, so clothes don't get wet or food mess on them. They have a pocket to catch bigger crumbs, and they come in a sleeved version. Does it get any better than that? Oh yeah - you just wash them in the sink along with the dishes, and they come in most of the same cute prints as the covers. Sweet! They're available on most sites that sell Bumkins diaper covers, and I've also seen them at Babies-R-Us stores.

ImseVimse - one and a half thumbs up

I actually have used 2 different varieties of ImseVimse covers: the bumpy and the organic cotton. I like them both a lot! We had the organic cotton cover in the newborn size. The cotton outer is so soft, and the available prints are sweet and very European-looking as far as diaper prints go! This cover was very generously sized and so Miss R was able to wear it for quite a while. We now are using the bumpy cover in size small. Soft, generously sized, but only available in plain white.

I love about these covers that the tabs are super wide, but because of that you have to be careful that no velcro is hanging over the top of the cover, waiting to scratch your baby's delicate tummy. They have awesome, ample leg gussets and super soft binding, so everywhere the cover touches skin is soft and gentle. No laundry tabs, so I just close it and turn it inside out to launder (same as the Proraps). Here's the thing that really bothers me about these covers, and it's such a non-issue, but it just bugs me: the white material has turned a kind of whitish neon-yellow after multiple launderings. I don't have any idea why, because no other diaper, cover, or pocket I own has ever done this except my ImseVimses. It doesn't affect its function, and it wouldn't keep me from buying them again in the future, but it just bothers me.

MonkeyBuns covers - two thumbs way up!

Once again, I love MonkeyBuns! She offers a wide variety of solid colors for her PUL covers, and she even has cute, custom appliques she can apply to the bottom. I love that they are super generously sized, so I'm able to use the covers across a wide span of growth and sizes. I've gotten them with velcro and with snap closures. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of snaps on covers for some reason, but she applies a double row of snaps to help ensure a snug and leak proof fit. The velcro she uses isn't the highest quality, so the tabs started curling after about 2 months of use, but they still held well during wearing. However, despite my best efforts to pick every single speck of lint out of the tabs before and after each wash, lower quality velcro just WILL NOT stay closed during a wash cycle, yet it will stick on everything else. Nevertheless, I love her covers! And for my next newborn (God willing), I'm sure I will order more of her diapers. And I'll probably end up getting velcro closures for newborn covers again, because it just offers a more customizable fit. If I need to, I can always replace the velcro.

Thirsties Covers - two thumbs way up!

As with the fitted diapers, I am so in love with Thirsties! They are generously sized (so keep that in mind when ordering). They have fabulous, ample leg gussets. The tabs are the BEST! Not only are they Aplix (so you can trust them for the wear and for the wash), but they have laundry tabs - hooray! AND, one of my favorite features that so few diapering products have: you can overlap the tabs when you're closing up the diaper. Let me explain: across the front of the diaper cover is the "soft" part of the Aplix, and the tabs are the "scratchy" part so they'll stick when you close it up. But one of the tabs is "soft" on the back of it, so you can overlap the other tab's "scratchy" if your baby is on the lower end of the weight range for the size! Best idea ever, and I don't understand why more companies don't include this feature.

Also, Thirsties come in a veritable rainbow of colors - solids only, but the colors are vibrant and rich and gorgeous. I love them! And apparently, they've recently revamped the already fabulous Thirsties cover, so as my insider tip to you, go here to WildFlower Diapers to purchase the old style at a reduced price!

So there you have it! The majority of my stash of covers is Proraps or MonkeyBuns, because of the prices. Anyone else out there use another brand you'd like to tell us about?


Southern Belle said...

I just recently found your blog which is full of great info for me since I am new to cloth diapering. I have both the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap and Super Brite. The only thing I have noticed is that the velcro came off one side of the Whisper Wrap, which was frustrating!