Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hey there!

I'm still trying to work out product reviews, but I have a bit of housekeeping business to tend to first. But since you're here, please leave me a comment and let me know that you're here. If no one is reading, I'm stopping!

When you comment, please let me know if you currently cloth diaper (how many kids, their ages, whether or not you EC, etc) or if you're just gathering information for a possible switch, or even if you're just generally interested or curious. If you're a CDing mama who feels like you have some insight or different opinions that people might be interested in, I'd love to share your thoughts on here! And if you're still just gathering information, please please please let me know if you have any specific questions regarding CD in general, certain brands, prices, pros and cons, etc.

I have my comment settings so that anyone can leave a comment without having a blog of your own or anything, so you comment anonymously but I'd love to know who you are! If you'd rather not comment the information, you can email me at


PS - This feedback request does NOT have an expiration date! Whenever you come across this entry, please let me know you were here and if/how I can better help you!


Erin said...

I'm here! :) I have definitely appreciated all your insight as I am fairly new to cloth diapering - I would say I am still in the transitional stage since I don't have enough yet to do it full-time. i have found your information more informative than reading reviews on some of the diaper websites and I really appreciate the pictures! You recently answered a question of mine about the Monkey Buns diapers - thank you! I haven't ordered them yet, but I think I will. Thanks for taking the time to share from your experiences - I'm sure it will only be a matter of time until other mamas find your blog. :)

The Cloth Diapering Mama said...

Thanks so much, Erin! I'm so glad you're here, and it's awesome to hear that my random ramblings about cloth diapering have been helpful to you. Don't worry about doing cloth "full time." It can take a while to get to a point where you're really comfortable with the size of your stash. Also, like I've said before, I'm not one of those "cloth or die!" people. I'm just excited any time I hear that mamas and daddies are interested!

Lori said...

Hi! I came across your blog some time ago and I have to say thank-you for all the info! I've only been cloth-diapering for 4 months now, but I love it! We still use the occasional disposable diaper but for the most part just do cloth. I have a little bit of everything, 2 Kissaluvs, some prefolds, and Bummis whisper wraps, which I love! I only have 1 of my favorite though, I guess because they are expensive, the Thirsties AIO Pocket diaper. I use mine for nightime and it is awesome! Thanks for all the info, we love it!
About the 'stripping', I've never heard of doing this, is it really necessary? I have an HE washer and do a cold water speed wash first, then an extra hot water Sanitary cycle, they always come out smelling great. Does the stripping help with absorbancy? Thanks!

Megan said...

Thanks for you reviews! I have one child, 2.5 yrs and one on the way.
I tried CDing when DS was 1.5 and loved it till I had build up problems. Im going to start again with new baby, and reviews from a Mom who has actually used these diapers/Covers repeatedly is really invaluable!
Thank you.

ann.e said...

I'm reading! I read your guest post on Passionate Homemaking and have been reading through your blog this week - I love all the info! I have a 20 month old little girl.. I use mostly Gdiaper covers with flats. It's super-economical and they work great. Only thing is I have to change her pretty often which isn't a big deal as long as I'm home. I have some fitteds/prefolds/covers as well as a few BG [which totally leak even after stripping 2x - I'm a little peaved] and FB too for outings or long naps. I use disposible at night but you're inspiring me to go buy some good nighttime cloth!

Cambria, Greg, Alan and Molly said...

Just found you tonight and I am so glad! I have two kids and am prego with the third. I am sick to death of buying diapers and want to switch. I am looking for info. and trying to figure out what I am doing. Thanks so much. BTW- found you from Passionate Homemaking. Thanks!

The Cloth Diapering Mama said...

Welcome, welcome Mamas! I'm so glad you found your ways here, and please be sure to let me know specific ways I can help! :o)

julie said...

i know you've stopped blogging - but i'm here! and thank you for leaving this site up for people like me who just began the cloth diapering journey, and are so grateful for your knowledge and insight!
i'm a friend of greta's, and she referred this blog to me when i posted that i'm starting cloth. so - thanks! :)